Attic Attack

converting lofts into light storage areas

Q: Why should i choose you
A: 14 years experience, i have fitted dozen's of different ladders into thousands of home's offices & factories
including a Doctor's Surgery, an Optician's and a Brewery.
You will deal with me from the Initial Enquiry through to Completion & any backup service required later.
We have customers who return again and again as they have moved, one customer four times.
We require no deposit you only pay on completion if you are happy with the work!

Q:  Will i need to redecorate or plaster
A :  Absolutely not.  All our hatches come with Architrave which lies flush to the ceiling, this is then sealed
with decorators filler.!

Q :  My hatch pushes up- can you convert it.
A :  Better than that,  we will replace it with a custom made hinged hatch and if you have a plasterboard ceiling
we can make it longer at no extra cost!

Q ;  Will there be much mess
A :  Dust sheets are laid from the door to the hatch to protect carpets & rugs we will leave your home as we found it!

Q : I have seen the ladder i want can you fit it.
A :  If it fits we can install it.

Q :  How long will the job take to do
A :  Bonus package 1 & 2 take less than a day, a hatch & ladder 1 to 2 hours
Large hatch/ ladder Combinations 2 to 4 hours

Q :  A builder told me a loft ladder wont fit into my loftspace.
A :   A common misconception among most builders. We have access to many types  of ladders and it is very rarely
we cannot not find one to fit. We are experts in the impossible as far as loft ladders are concerned, if anyone has said "It can't be done"
Give us a call.

And finally we are one of only 10 fitters in the UK to be Abru approved and the only Business recommended by Lansford Access
to their customers
Abru are Britains Largest Loft Ladder Manufacturer.